I’ve been professionally editing for almost seven years now. My experience includes:

  • Editing academic essays for Praxis: A Writing Center Journal at the University of Texas Undergraduate Writing Center while I worked there as a consultant and writing tutor
  • Editing food-focused articles at Texas Spoon University
  • Founding and working as the Editor-In-Chief of my own literary magazine (in operation for almost four years but was retired upon beginning my Masters of Fine Arts at VFCA) in which I read, edited, and curated each piece we published
  • Working as a freelance editor. Projects include the developmental and line editing of a screenplay; editing of essays; editing of websites; editing of resumes; and more
  • Working as a novel and book editor for Empathic Editors
  • Working as a trainer, teacher, and editor of writing and grammar with my current position as Senior Editor at GoDaddy Social

I am passionate about editing and teaching and would love to work with you on any of the following projects/opportunities:

  • Freelance editing in any of the follow mediums: short form writing like flash, poetry, and short stories; longer stories, essays, and writing projects of various types of writing (from creative to technical or academic), novel editing, screenplay editing and consulting, career-related editing such as with resumes and cover letters, marketing materials and copyediting, and much more
  • Teaching and tutoring in writing, grammar, language, and more (this can include working with ESOL folks, students at any level of education, or any other folks trying to improve their craft of writing)
  • Any other form of editing or teaching you’re hoping to work on: I am very open to the editing and teaching of various subjects and topics and on various projects, and I have various types of experience to work with. Additionally, I’d be happy to work with less traditional mediums such as interactive art, erasure poetry, film or visual mediums, live performances, speech work, etc.
  • Writing workshops: I’ve been in more writing workshops that I can count and would be happy to lead a writing or art workshop

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