About Me

  • Graduate in fiction at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, July 2019
  • Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, May 2015
  • English Major, Rhetoric and Writing Minor
  • Writer of short stories, novels, flash memoir, poetry, personal essays, creative nonfiction, and more
  • Editor of whatever you need
  • Lover of literature, dogs, tennis, hot tea, the Oxford Comma, video games, maps, and dancing
  • Other fun facts: I identify as bisexual/queer and love editing and consulting on projects for people of all identities; I love to cook but am bad at baking; dancing is one of my biggest passions; I am unreligious but interested in witchcraft and spirituality.

In addition to writing, blogging, and editing, I have ample experience in tutoring and teaching literature and writing. Please contact me if you have an interest in my tutoring and consulting services. As a writing consultant for the University Writing Center during my time at UT, I tutored over 100 students (including many ESOL/ELL students) in becoming better writers. As a tennis instructor, I taught children between the ages of five and 12 years old on the dynamics of tennis.

Please consult my LinkedIn for more information on these experiences as well as my others in journalism, editing, writing, leading, being an EIC, and more


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